The Best Kindles On Amazon For Every Kind Of Budget

For a book lover, there is no greater pleasure than curling up with a book in a cozy corner (okay, may be more so in winters than in the summer heat of Pakistan – but a cozy corner nevertheless!). The good news is that Amazon Kindle has come a long way since it was launched … Continue Reading

Top Programmable & Development Boards to Get in Pakistan

Development boards become the new toy for hobbyists and engineers who are interested in embedded systems and DIY. Nazdeeq selected the top development boards-based on Arrow article- that customers can get from Amazon in Pakistan. Here are the top six Dev boards: Raspberry Pi 3 The Raspberry development boards have a 1.2Ghz 64-bit quad-core ARM … Continue Reading

Best Organic Shampoos & Hair Oil Available In Pakistan

Organic shampoos and hair oil are one of the fastest growing trends in beauty that are truly for the health benefit of the customer. Organic shampoos and conditioners don’t use the same harsh chemicals that regular everyday shampoo and conditioners do – the most harmful chemical being SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which is mostly found … Continue Reading

Our Favorite Party Clutches On Amazon, Delivered To Pakistan!

As most fashionistas would say, a nice bag can easily complement and enhance an outfit. This explains a lot why there are tons of stunning bags that are available all over, may they be designer or your regular, department store find. However, you wouldn’t find most of these collections in Pakistan. This is where Nazdeeq … Continue Reading

Most Stunning Statement Jewelry Pieces On Amazon

We have handpicked (virtually) some of the most stunning statement jewelry pieces on Amazon; they  really are a work of art and designed by premium artists. If you like any, just click on the link below, add the item to the cart and check out. Nazdeeq will deliver the item to you in 10 – … Continue Reading

Top 10 Smart Watches to Get in Pakistan

The smartwatch is the ultimate smartphone accessory. It can tell the time, beam important notifications straight to your wrist, and run native apps. It can help you manage your daily routine, remind of your tasks and meetings, encourage you to exercise, and let you connect with people you love. We created this list of best … Continue Reading

Hottest Jewelry Trends in Pakistan 2017

Checking the latest Amazon fashion trends, Nazdeeq has put together the latest fashion trends in jewelry for this year. By far, Y-necklaces are picking up as the the hottest jewelry trends in Pakistan, along with stylish hoop earrings, and skinny cuffs & bangles. We have selected some of the most striking pieces on Amazon, however … Continue Reading

Best Vitamin Brands You Can Buy On Amazon From Pakistan

Vitamins are vital for your hair, skin & nails. Often times in our adulthood we don’t take as many as we should in dietary intake, but we can always make up for it with vitamin tablets. We have shortlisted some of best vitamin brands you can buy on Amazon from Pakistan. The entire collection for different … Continue Reading

Want to buy real organic beauty products in Pakistan? Check out Nazdeeq

Counterfeit products in the beauty category is common in Pakistan.  Often times women have to proceed with caution when buying branded beauty care products such as MAC, Loreal or Revlon. It gets even more tricky if you want to buy real organic products, and you aren’t sure if there are chemicals in it or not. … Continue Reading

Buy Michael Kors On Amazon In Pakistan

Did you know that Amazon has over 1500+ Michael Kors products? I don’t think anyone can beat that inventory here in Pakistan! But guess what, you can now buy Michael Kors  on Amazon in Pakistan. In light of this, Nazdeeq has shortlisted some of the best selling Michael Kors products on Amazon. If you like … Continue Reading