If you are unfamiliar with Amazon Prime Day, it is essentially a Black Friday-like event in the middle of the summer. Amazon has even set up a guide to tell you how to make the most out of the sale. If you shop through Nazdeeq, you don’t have to worry about having a Prime account. Consider already having one and just order through us.

When does Prime Day Start?

The prime day starts on 11th July. The deals will run for 33 hours. If you have a Amazon account, you can start ‘watching’ deals. Amazon will notify you once the item price drops, and then you can buy through Nazdeeq.

What are the Prime Day Deals?

This year, Amazon says there will be more than 100,000 new deals offered during the event with sales posted as often as every five minutes. The five minutes deals are lightening deals. To watch lightning deals, visit Amazon.com or use the mobile app and select “Today’s Deals.” Then, under “deal type” click “lightning deals.” Lightning deals will also be available on the Prime Day page. Amazon says it’s important to complete your order as soon as possible. You can sign up to watch a lightning deal up to 24 hours before it begins.

1. Pay ASAP; do a bank transfer and send us the receipt.

The sale will offer Spotlight deals on items that will last until stock is gone. There will also be Lightning deals that can happen as often as every five minutes and run for a very limited time. Both offer steep discounts of various products. Hence, don’t delay your payments.

Bank Transfer Details:

Bank: Allied Bank Limited
Title: Nazdeek Import & Export Private Limited
Account Number: 02220010055566610014
Branch: Napier Road, Lahore
Branch Code: 0222

If you have any questions, contact us: # 0320-0555569 OR contact@nazdeeq.com. We are on Facebook as well!


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