Okay so look, the big problem with shopping for global brands in Pakistan is that…well, they just aren’t
available! .. The few times you do across a brand in the market, you aren’t sure if it is authentic. What is the batteries have been replaced? Or the ingredients have been changed?. Anyway, your next option to buy from Amazon in Pakistan would be to look for services who can deliver products for you from abroad but… the sign-up process can be complicated, the payment card doesn’t work, a membership fee might be required…or you may not know about the customs beforehand and the final price is unpredictable. All you can do is then post this on your Facebook page or settle for a mediocre alternative! .. But it doesn’t have to be that way! And that’s exactly why we have built Nazdeeq.
At Nazdeeq, our website is 100% integrated with Amazon.com, which gives you a seamless shopping
experience of 6.5 million brands & high-quality products! Select what you want to buy and upon
checking out our system will calculate the customs in real time, giving you transparency for the
complete breakdown. The final price will be in Rs, and the best part – listen carefully, if the customs
ends up charging a higher fee, it will come from our pocket, not yours!
Nazdeeq promises great value through its seamless shopping experience, no hidden costs, transparency,
reliable shipping service and great customer service!

Visit Nazdeeq today on https://nazdeeq.com/en-pk . Also, you can reach us on contact@nazdeeq.com or call us on 03200555569

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